December 31, 2016

Farewell 2016

2016 batch of homemade preserves

This has been a roller coaster kind of year, filled with highs and lows. Hopefully next year will have more of the former than the latter.

See y'all then.

November 30, 2016


florence sunset

I spent just under two glorious weeks in Tuscany, basing myself in Florence to explore the region.

santa maria del fiorebridges over water
ponte vecchio
palazzo pitti cielingchurch candles

Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance, which is not surprising, as there were gorgeous art and architecture everywhere I looked.

view in san gimignanotuscany countryside
san gimignano
sienaflorence from fiesole

Tuscany is even more beautiful in person; pictures don't do it justice. One day was spent biking in the countryside. Pro tip: unless you are a road cyclist, rent a vespa or car to get around. I'm in pretty decent shape but biking was painfully difficult, as the countryside was mainly made up of hills.

biking down lucca lanesrainy night

October 31, 2016

Sneak Peak: Tuscany

san gimignano

I went to Tuscany and ate my weight in food. I wish I was exaggerating but everything was delicious and there was no stopping myself. More details and photos to come!

September 28, 2016

Plum Torte

plum torte

I've had my eye on this classic plum torte recipe, which has been around for years. It was first published in The New York Times in 1983 and is one of the most requested recipe of all time. It's not hard to see why, as it is simple and versatile. Coincidentally, the NYT ran an article on the recipe just before I was going to make it.

purple plums in the sun halved pitted plums

I had my doubts when I first made the batter, as it seemed too thick and insufficient, but it rises beautiful around the plums. The plums become juicy and jammy, both sweet and tart at once.

plums on batter

August 31, 2016

Rice-Stuffed Tomatoes

rice-stuffed tomatoes

It's been a quintessential summer so far where we've been blessed with hot, humid weather. Unfortunately those days are soon coming to an end, as the sun is setting earlier and the cool evenings require a sweater.

hierloom tomatoes

However, summer isn't quite over yet. We've officially hit peak tomato season and all I want to do is consume tomatoes.

flesh scooped out

I've had them raw in salads, bursting with tomato flavour; cooked into ratatouille, where all the summer vegetables shine through; stuffed with rice and baked, concentrating that tomato-ness.

sauteed rice tomato-rice mixture...